Mortgage advice needed - no utility bills with current address dcouponzzzz

Hi All,

This question is behalf of my sister, but linked to myself.

Currently we both own a property, and both lived here until 3 months ago. My sister moved out while I started proceedings to transfer her equity to me, in exchange for the value of that equity.

When she moved out, I moved all of the bills to my name, and she moved to rented accommodation where the rent paid includes bills.

Now.... she's put an offer in on a house and provided L&C with my parents address as her current place of residence, as when her lease ends in 1 week she will move there. L&C have sent the mortgage application with those address details, and now need bills/ID to back it up, which she doesn't have.

What options does my sister have? Is she screwed and will have to wait 3 months of having bills sent to a specific address? Or is there another way this can be done?

Thanks to anyone who is able to offer any advice at all.

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