Precise Mortgages bank statements Suzuka96

Hi we have recently had a htb aip from precise and fell into tier 1. Now when we come to full app I know they will be looking at three months bank statements with a fine tooth comb. Now obviously at the moment these statements will cover the dreaded Christmas splurge and oh was a bit reckless and went over his o/d limit last month (its was £1000 but due to some savings and him being extra careful we have reduced that to £59 this month).

So my question is what sort of things are they looking for on the statements ? If everything else is in order how much does the statements matter. There is nothing dodgy on them just we have not been best prepared and living up to our means for last few months.


I've just had offer from Precise.

I think they look for return of money. Gambling, if our keep with in ypur means.

They may ask what the reason was why it happened.

Not sure.

If I was submitting a case to Precise and there was an instance of someone going over their overdraft I would get on the front foot and tell them not only that it's there by why.

Within reason a bank statement doesn't have to be immaculate, albeit things like the above obviously aren't ideal.

Make sure your Broker is on top of it and I'm sure you'll be fine.

Hello suzuka96!

I'm feeling exactly the same as you about my bank statements. We submitted full app 3/3. Hard credit check 6/3. They've since requested bank statements, p45 for myself as recently changed teaching jobs. Letter from my current employer confirming permanent. Also p60 I think for myself and my husband. My bank statements also aren't in best shape- we got married Aug 16- honeymoon Nov 16- then Christmas! In Jan and Feb I had to transfer £300 from my sole overdraft which isn't used much to the joint account as we don't have an overdraft at all on joint. Had to also transfer £20 in Feb to it! Come march we're absolutely fine but they obs won't see march statements! Mum paid over draft off this month as belated xmas present! So stressful isn't it- I feel your anxiety over the bank statements, it's the thought of not knowing how they will perceive things. Even though Christmas is a time when lots of familiies are skint in Jan!

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