TSB account opened before or after 28th of Fabruary? Need help szyblaszczyk

Hi guys. I recently applied for a TSB account with 125 pounds bonus.


The thing is it was a one letter mistake in postcode on address proof so they send me a few days ago a letter informing that "We have received a copy of your identity, but before we can activate your account we require further proof of address".

What means "activate"? Can I treat it like "opened" but not "activated"? Right now I have doubts what to do. What they mean by "opening account" in this promotion? Was is enough to apply in February and will it be counted as "open"? So I just need to go again to branch and deliver them another proof of address? Or better leave it, don't "activate" this account and wait for another promotion from TSB?

Tried to get this info straight from TSB but it's impossible. No one by phone or in the branch knows about this offer from MSE...

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