Halifax Current Acc Incentive - how long must account be open? brizzlebean

Hi All - hope this is right place to post this question - new to the forum!

Recently signed up to the Halifax current Acc for the £100 incentive, but have now seen First Direct £125 incentive plus it has the linked saver so want to switch to that.

Will Halifax penalise me/take back the £100 if I switch already having only completed my switch to them this week? (They handily pay the £100 pretty quickly!)

Should I withdraw all my money from account before switch? Has anyone else done similar? I couldn't see anything in the T's and C's...

Once you have received the £100 incentive in your Halifax bank account and have the bank card, you can switch / leave anytime you like . As for leaving money in the account before a switch, it really depends on the importance of what is being paid out from the account.

You can switch the Halifax current account to FD any time you want. First thing is to open the FD account and then apply to FD to switch your Halifax account. FD will do all the work, you just sit back.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the Halifax account, open a "sacrificial" current account with a bank offering no perks (eg RBS/Nat West) and then switch that one to FD for the incentive. This will leave you with both the Halifax current account (which comes with a useful linked Regular Saver) and the FD current account (with more than useful linked Regular Saver) as ongoing accounts.

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