I've had about 20k with them at 2.2% over 2 years. The App isn't great but you don't really need to use it after you have opened and funded the accounts. I don't know how it will go when I transfer out but looks straightforward to move to nominated account.

The couple of times I've used chat in the app I have got an answer to the question I asked fairly promptly.

Full £85k protection so no issues there.

I moved £20,000 across from a Santander account. No problems. It's not as good as the 3% I used to get but it's better then 1.5% Santander pay now. The real beauty is you can stick the whole protected £85,000 in there.

The App worked fine for me and there live chat is great, longest I waited was 2 minutes.

Where did you "hear" the app wasn't great ? It's not as if it needs to do much ,lets you open an account and choose what type. It's not as if it's a current account there's practically nothing you need to do.

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