Devonamic UCO bio fuel bonds– Can someone share their experiences with these bonds with this company?

Hello, I’ve been reading up on a few different investments within the last few months and I am considering to get started with an investment in renewable energy. During my research I came across Devonamic. I have been in contact with them and now I am thinking to sign up to their bio fuel bonds and was hoping that someone here could provide me with some insight on the company and their bond. Mainly on the advertised 9.7% profit rate. Thank you.

Hi Nick, I invested with Devonamic almost 3 years ago. I joined before the rate rise,the older series interest is a little lower at 9.4% which is what I receive, but I know they now offer 9.7% (paid twice a year). I’m happy with the interest that I get, so I wouldn’t say that I’m dissatisfied, it is a good investment in my opinion. They have delivered the return and on the schedule that they promised.

Thank you Mike22, I have read others’ discussions and I see that other people are happy, but just wanted to hear from someone for myself about the Devonamicbio fuel bonds. I have a bit of experience trading options and shares but am a novice in the bonds game.

I did, yes. Well, I got half of it last week and the other half will be handed out in October. The bond is a fixed rate one, so the company will always have to pay that percentage.To answer your question - I understand that the rates were a little lower a few years back when they first started selling bonds. The broker with whomI applied for the bond explained that simply: as their profits increased they had the capacity to raise the interest rate. Not a great deal more, but still something.

Oh right great. My broker has already explained to me it’s ‘fixed rate’ but I just thought that was just sales talk and I have been searching the fine print within ‘fixed rate’. But if they do actually have to keep up that rate then super!I’m just filtering through my options now but looks like I’ll be going ahead with it.

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