I believe they are administrative really. The charge is udually about £100-150 and they make sure you have everything the lender will need. For me they delay an application (sorry fir being negative).


Could some one explain what a mortgage packager does? and are they any advantages to this?
Originally posted by jessnat995

For some cases Precise will require a broker to go through a "packager" to submit the application. For example, most brokers can't submit a case to Precise directly if the client has had a debt management plan so they go through a packager.

A Packager is essentially a 3rd party company that collects all the paperwork etc and packages it before submission.

Where I work we never use a packager as they charge an upfront fee which is something we fundamentally disagree with.

In regards to overall process with Precise, I would expect them to be extremely thorough with your case and they're likely to have follow up queries having received your documents. The length of time the whole process takes will largely come down to how your broker has presented it, but try not to stress too much as Precise are not a quick lender and tend to always be working about a week behind.

Best of luck with your Precise application. I have a AIP with Precise but not done the full app yet.

They checked Experian at the soft search; just out of interest, which CRA's did they check at full app?


Hi all

New to forum have been reading all these threads and thought I would add were we are at!! we are at the awaiting offer stage from precise,valuation has come back all fine although precise has asked for our bank statements in a different format �� This again will put us back and also questioned a large money deposit which I have confirmed was the sale of my car they really do go through everything with a fine tooth comb I suppose you can't blame them really

Keep you updated!!

Hi , we have an AIP with precise. Just submitted our supporting documentation. Soft search registered with Equifax but nothing on Experian yet.

Nervously waiting.......

When my wife and I were looking to get a home loan to buy a new property, we hired the mortgage lawyers. We were having a hard time getting the loan on our own but applying with the lawyers made the entire home loan process much easier. Maybe, you just need to talk to experts too.

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