Small lump sum into a remortgage tnpn


I'm just filling in my forms to remortgage, moving my mortgage to another bank.

I've saved £6000 additional which I'd like to pay to reduce the mortgage and the rate I've been offered is for a mortgage £6000 less that what is on the outstanding balance, so I need to pay it.

Do I pay the £6000 off my current mortgage balance before the remortgage or do I send it over to the bank providing the new mortgage? I was presuming it was the latter but I don't see anything on the forms where I can refer to the additional payment I want to make.


Are you still in a fix with your current lender ?

Any ERC,s to pay if you paid the £6,000 off the mortgage now ?

As long as you can pay the £6,000 off the mortgage or into the new lender I am sure they will be happy if you pay with a big jar of pound coins

The smartest thing to do is hand it to the solicitor handling the remortgage ahead of completion.

Then, you don't have to worry about when any ERC period ends on the current mortgage.

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