There are a couple of lenders who will do it, most need you to be earning around £70k a year and have about 50% equity, although there are some exceptions. It may cost you a little more in rates than the high street are offering however. Have you spoken to your current lender to see if they can switch you to a new deal?

Thanks for the reply ACG. Not yet but we will be. It usually goes up at the end of each term even with a new deal. I noticed that on comparison sites we could halve our payments elsewhere but they seem to require a hefty salary or boat loads in the bank.

Thanks Welshlassie. We're actually with Santander at the moment and our circumstances look very similar. I'll see what remortgage deals they have too. :-)

Santander now require £50,000 income for a single applicant or £75,000 for two applicants to offer interest only.

There are other options but few.

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