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Afternoon all,

Hope this is OK for a first post, all this Mortgage stuff is very confusing.

I'm thinking about biting the bullet and moving out and buying my own place. There are some good looking new build flats being built locally right by the train station (I commute into London) for £200k

I have saved up just under £25k since April 2014 & am also lucky enough to have £25k coming from my parents for a deposit.

In terms of employment, I got a new job in November (doing exactly the same as old job) on a salary of £45k , my previous role saw me on £36k although with overtime the monthly figure was averaging the same as the new job. My question is, as I have only been at this new job for 3 months and am still on probation is this going to be a problem for a lender? I know I will pass however I appreciate that being on probation runs the risk I could be let go with a weeks notice.

I have a credit card although its at a balance of 0 and if I ever spend on it I always repay the full amount within the month, other than that its just the normal gym and phone bills - no loans outstanding.

With that in mind is it likely I would be able to get a mortgage on one of these properties now? Or will I have to wait until May/June once the probation is over?

Many Thanks

Some lenders will lend to you now, some won't.

Only you can decide if the ones making you wait are worth waiting for. You'll have to do some research, or have a broker do it for you.

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