1st Re-Mortgage - BritishGas Hard Credit Check Julio

Hi MoneySavers,

So, I am coming to the end of my first mortgage fix in June and had been getting things in place for Fixing again for as long as I could (Nationwide - gawd bless 'em)

I have checked my credit score and its pretty good. Experian score 999 - it will need to be as I am only just earning enough with the multiplier to reach my mortgage requirement (not much room for error)

I was just about to go for the MSE British Gas collective offer - which should save me £90per year, when, checking the details I saw they do a Hard Credit Check (grrr!)

So, my question is, should I avoid taking this great offer, to keep things as good as I can for my re-mortgage in 1months time?? Or does 1 Hard Credit Check, 1month before a mortgage application not really make that much difference? (I will pass the check - unless they are total muppets)

Thanks, and no pressure, I have 9days, 11hours, on the MSE BG collective offer

Are you already with nationwide? If you are and are not borrowing any more then they will regard it as a switch and I don't think there is another credit search. There wasn't when we did ours.

With regards to British Gas searches, a lot of utility companies do now. I think it's treated differently though as its one of those things that is unavoidable (everyone needs gas & electric). Someone else might be able to confirm this

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