Applying for nationwide DIP.. whats my chances? Firsttimebuyer3

Hello! Im wishing to apply for a DIp via nationwide! Im abit nervouse as i spent a good amount of last year in my overdraft and had a loan. Iv now paid off my loan (early) and havent been in my planned overdraft for 3 months! (Yaaaay).

I bring home just under £1800 a month and have an out going of £120 direct debits (Phone bill, Ipad payments, Gym), and an outgoing of £500 savings to a Save to buy ISA and a Save to buy joint account with my partner both with Nationwide itself, We have a deposit of £20,000 saved up and looking to buy a property roughly £130,000 to £150,000. Looking at my vague information do you think i would be elegable? I havent missed a repayment or payment into my savings once.

Please let me know to either chuck water on my desire or settle my nerves! Thanks alot guys and gals for reading! Hope to hear back from you!!!

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