Thanks everyone for the responses! I will be reducing my credit card balances by a couple of thousand before applying but it's useful to know the 5% of the balance taken in to consideration for affordability.

We can afford to borrow more than what we need including the CC balances so hopefully shouldn't have many issues with lower balances.

Just the credit check to worry about now!

Hi all,

I hope you don't mind me jumping on to this thread. I have an appointment with Coventry next week. Does anybody know if they include Student Loans and Pension payments in the affordability calculation. We are both teachers so these are both quite high for us. I have read not every mortgage provider takes them into account.



So my student loan payments vary monthly as my wage varies monthly depending on if I've done overtime, worked weekends, nights or bank holidays where I get paid at a higher rate. So my payments vary from about £5-£20 a month. How do I add this to an affordability calculator accurately?

L&C took student loan and pension into account for their DIP. They affect the amount of money you have available to pay the mortgage, so even if you find a lender that doesn't take them into account you should yourself. If it varies a lot, maybe check what you paid overall last year and divide by 12 for an average?

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