Mortgage question Dollymix12

We have just put our house up for sale and I'm hoping it won't be long till we sell and and are able to buy a new one. I'm just wondering if anyone can advise me regarding if outstanding credit I currently have will affect our application. I currently have about £800 on one credit card, £1000 overdraft and £1200 on a 0% card. The £700 will be gone by the end of the month the overdraft should be mostly gone by the end of next month and the amount on the 0% card is being paid off in £300 monthly chunks (holiday, we haven't been away since 2007 and this probably wasnt the best time to decide to go!!) So it should all be paid off by the time we need to apply for a mortgage.

My issue is if they ask for my last 3 months bank statements they will see all the payments, will this affect getting a mortgage? We will be borrowing around 100k less than the maximum the mortgage broker advised we may be able to get

Yeah I was thinking I might pay off the overdraft first and then the card but I wasn't sure which would be best, I have 2 accounts both with £500 overdraft each so I may pay off the overdraft on my main account this month and pay off some of the cc and then pay the other one off next month and again some more of the cc

No issues, I have the spare cash to pay as he pays most of the bills and is saving most of our deposit so I am using any spare cash I have to get it all settled I should be able to cover most of it by the end of the month but that would leave my emergency fund empty

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