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Hello, I've recently made a mortgage application and been advised by phone call that the application has been approved subject to the valuation being as I have said. Given I have provided the value from the Scottish home report and it is this same document that the lender has requested for their valuation I have no fears here. My issue however is that there were 2 errors on the application, with information recorded differently to what I had stated. One was a simple outgoings figure for council tax being slightly different and I drew this to the attention of the lender (they changed it and set the application back to stage one before inexplicably changing the figure back to the incorrect one) but it's a small enough difference that I didn't and don't think it will have any effect. The second issue though is that the property is a listed building and I advised this whilst making the over the phone application but there appears to have been some confusion as listed building terms in Scotland and England are not the same and the advisor seems to have effectively discounted the status because it isn't "grade I" or "grade II" now I only noticed this error a couple of days ago and advised the advisor of it when they phoned to advise the mortgage was now approved (subject to valuation as above) and she said not to worry about it, but... well I am still worried about it and I'm curious who would be making that decision, the home report with valuation also clearly states it is a listed building, I have stated this also, but is this something that goes to the underwriter or is the underwriter more concerned with me as an individual and their involvement has now passed? I guess I'm asking if I can be confident in what I've been advised or is it not the mortgage advisor's (MA is internal to the lender) decision to make. I'm maybe being paranoid but don't feel like I can relax until everything is signed and sealed as from reading here and elsewhere the lender is often described as being picky about things.


The surveyor appointed by the lender will advise them accordingly. An underwriter cannot comment on something that have no knowledge of (as yet).
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They've advised they will accept the value from the home report so it is the surveyor that produced that on behalf of the property owner and as I understand it they will simply forward the home report I already have, it's just really whether the listed status is something for the underwriter to concern themselves with at this stage or for someone else within the lender, closer to the adviser who is saying it is not an issue (but obviously is something the underwriter did not know about)

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