help for my son Surreyroamer

I am retired, I have a comfortable income (pensions) my mortgage is paid off, my son 21 is in the Army and will one day need to buy a house he is married, and sadly like most youngsters not the most forward looking financial planner, I'm looking for a way to help him with this potential problem/mortgage I'm looking to save spare cash usually £200 pcm, I want this to be independant of him any idea's on a way forward , thank you.

Help to buy ISA but you need to tell your son and set up in his name.

Halifax offer 4% plus the 25% from the government ( you and me )

He cannot do this if he has other ISA,s ?

It is a start

No need to put the money in an ISA - there are plenty of accounts that pay more than ISAs even once tax is deducted (and the tax deduction is about to stop anyway).

Does your son know about this? Perhaps you could teach him to save by saying you'll put £200 a month into an account if he will contribute the same? that way he'll save a deposit quicker. If he is married there may be children before you know it and he'll need to know how to manage his money then.

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