Will high overdraft/credit card limit affect a mortgage application? Amy36


Me and my partner have a joint account where our wages are paid into and all bills and everything else goes out. We have an overdraft limit of £1870 on our joint account, but we never use it, not even sure why we have this amount of overdraft. My partners credit card has a limit of £10500 on it, but this is not used either anymore, it is kept only for emergencies now. My credit card limit is £6000, and this is not used anymore, it's there just incase. My question is, when we go for a mortgage are they going to take these figures into account, should I ring to reduce this size of overdraft and credit card limit before hand and would that affect us or our credit rating if I did reduce it? Is it worth worrying about or should I just leave them as they are?

Thank you for your help

On my application last may, I had an available OD of £1900 and about £30,000 available on credit cards. They didn't mention the limits at all, didn't ask about the limits. They were only interested in current debt (which was a loan that would be paid off prior to completion.) This was with nationwide.

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