I've run out of options for a SO mortgage with all but Nationwide.
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Highly unlikely.

Has anyone obtained a SO with Nationwide and if so what was required? I only have 2 months payslips and 2 and statements.

That would depend on the loan to value and if we're talking about a newbuld or resale.

Is it more difficult to obtain a SO with Nationwide, than a 'normal' mortgage?


I am looking at around to borrow around 100k for a 40% share in the property

Without considerably more information, that is totally redundant.

Price/value for 100%?

percentage share being purchased?

Gross annual basic salary?

Variable annual earnings averaged over the latest three months payslips?

Credit costs, childcare costs, maintenance commitments, student loan costs?

Rent, ground rent and service charges?

Has someone done the Government's shared ownership calculator for you?

Do you have approval from the area HTB Agent?

You need to discuss this with an experienced newbuild/shared ownership broker in your area and give them the answers to my questions.

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