Declaration jessnat995

I've had an update and the underwriter have asked for a declaration to be signed from my MB And underwritters now have it.

Underwritting due to look at it on Monday again

My question is, does anyone know if this is close to an offer?

Thank you

Who are "they"?

What is the declaration for?

No one "knows", because you haven't given any kind of information in your post?

Have you spoken to "them" to ask?

Sorry to sound blunt, but your post offers nothing at all to go on to even begin to help to answer your questions.

Who is the lender?

What is the dearation for? A standard declaration to agree to their t and c's or a gifted deposit declaration or...?

Your post is a little vague. I'm guilty of doing the same thing and assuming people know what I am talking about.


Yeah sorry thats all i were told, i was given vague info too, :/ Just that if all the underwritters dont require any more info on monday it will go to offer, :/

It sounds like its just a formality but it is a bit difficult to say for sure. I think its just a case of crossing your fingers and eyes and waiting for Monday.

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