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I have lived in a flat in altrincham since 2006.

The flat was owned by the council, but sold to a housing association in 2005.

I was initially told I'd qualify for the right to buy by the council, as it was previously owned by them. But they have now rejected me as I moved in after they sold it.

I'll a little bit suspicious as they previously said I did.

Can anyone shed any light for me?

Who is your landlord, the Council or the Housing Association? If it is the Housing Association then you can apply to them under the Right to Acquire.

If your landlord is the Council, it may be that they are themselves leasing it from the Housing Association and then subletting it to you. In that case, they cannot sell the leasehold to you as it is not theirs to sell.

Depending exactly on your circumstances, you could have a preserved Right to Buy. Were you a secure Council tenant prior to moving into the flat?


No the council told me over the phone.
Originally posted by Foxwold

Could just be someone didn't realise that the flat no longer belonged to the Council.

Were you a secure Council tenant prior to moving to that flat, or was that your first social tenancy?

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