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Just after a bit of advice on whether it would be possible to move house or not, I am 18 months into a two year fixed rate deal with Halifax (this was my first house). My balance is £187k, and the current value of my house is around £270k, which should give me around £83k equity in the house? If I was to look at a house at around £325k this would put me at under 75% LTV and much better rates than I'm paying at the moment (monthly payments according to their calculator will go up by £30 a month on a new two year fixed rate deal for a much nicer house), but does anyone know if I would be allowed to move to a new mortgage with the Halifax, or do you think I would have to pay an early repayment charge to move house? Or would it be best to hold off and start looking towards the end of my fixed rate?

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6 months is close to the end of your fixed rate. By the time you find a place and get an offer accepted, get a buyer for your house, and the rest of the chain likewise, then even being optimistic, you'd only be a couple months away from the end of your fixed period. So I'd start getting your house ready for sale and start looking in a month or two.

Also phone Halifax, they can tell you if its possible it depends on your exact deal but as you'd be getting a larger mortgage you could end up with two different mortgages with different end dates for the rates (current one "ported" new one for remainder) so for sake of a couple of months, I'd wait.

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