Getting My Name on New Mortgage. Roland Flagg

When we moved into our new house a few years ago our Mortgage adviser thought it best that my OH would be the only name on the application as I didn't have an official income due to me doing Matched Betting full time.

Apart from that everything in joint names. We both put the same deposit into the joint bank account for the Mortgage and all bills are paid jointly (in both names).

Anyway, when out current deal runs out I would like to try to apply in joint names. I still don't have any official income but have proof of savings/investments and OH's salary is enough alone to pay the mortgage (as it was before).

Is it worth a go putting my name on the application, or if the application fails, will that then affect my OH re-applying in her name only?

I would keep everything is simple if possible. If you don't have an official income most likely you wil be rejected. If you can wait couple of months and get income sorted it will be the best option to get it done without complications.

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