Remortgage more than one mortgage? jscsc


I have a main mortgage taken out in 2014 on a 5yr fix, I have since added a 10k and a 20k on fixes that end at the same time as the main, in total there is £80k. I also have finance on a car and although not struggling to pay any of it I want to know if I can remortgage the whole lot elsewhere, I factored in the early repayment and it will work out cheaper in the long run.

I saw a good Tesco remortgage offer but it said it wasn't eligible if you have a 'second' loan secured against the property.

So my question is can I take all 3 'mortgages' and add my car loan and take out a new mortgage?

You should have one first charge mortgage secured on the property made up of different sub-accounts.

Tesco's issue is with second charge loans with a third party not where you have further advances from the same lender under the first charge.

Different lenders have different attitudes to debt consolidation, but think carefully about rescheduling short-term debt over a long period and securing unsecured debt on your home.

You should be able to remortgage (that is the definition of a new mortgage with a new lender to repay the old mortgage on the same property.)

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