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Looking to find some advice please..

We are selling our home, we should have around £12,000-£15000 deposit from the sale of our home. Home has been on the market a couple of weeks and has generated a lot of interest.

Houses we are generally looking at are approx £150,000 value.

Our credit file is far from perfect. This is due to my husband having 2 settled defaults from early 2015 one for £400 and the other around £600 but paid in full 2 early 2015. I have one from 2012 settled in full in 2012 and one for £62 which I settled after a dispute with BT from 2016, don't know if I should contest it or not and if it'll make any difference to a mortgage decision. After xmas most of our available credit has been used up so the % of used credit is quite high. However, nothing huge on file a couple of low value credit cards, overdraft and a next account. Our total non-mortgage credit between both us around £15,000 including our car which has around 5.5K remaining.

From the above what do you think our chances would be of getting a mortgage? Does anyone have any recommendations of broker? We tried the high street (Bank of Scotland) later last year when we were just thinking about our options and were declined.

We both work full time in very secure employment and earn around £75,000 pa.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Is there a chance we will get a mortgage after Halifax/Bos refused in September?

I had an offer on our house today I've rejected but I need to think now whether to rent or buy and if I buy it need to start making mortgage enquiries.

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