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Hello everyone,

After googling many websites for advice I come across this forum page- wondering if anyone has any experience of or success with Precise Mortgages:

We have just discovered that husband has an old CCJ from may 2012 for £600. A phone bill which hasn't been paid.

After applying for a mortgage with Halifax- this has just come to light. The phone bill has been passed from debt collectors and increased in size as it has moved on.

After speaking with the initial company- T Mobile- there is no way of getting the CCJ removed- even though they didn't apply it. Husband moved addresses and the paper work has gone to an old address at the time.

My credit history is excellent, no debts except car finance of £300. I am a part time teacher eating now approx £18500. We also receive child benefit of £140 monthly.

Husband has worked for the same company for 4.5 years and roughly has an annual salary of between £50/60k which can be seen on his last 3 p60s.

He has one credit card with Halifax with around £3800 on- no other debt. We don't have an over draft on joint account- however I do have one on my sole account- was over drawn at Christmas for mortgage broker fees of £300 but back at 0 as of now.

We've just submitted our Precise Mortgage application- using HTB 20% and 5% from our current property/ which is in my name with Halifax at the minute. Any. Advice/ success stories greatly appreciated! I am very anxious as our house has just sold and we've reserved a new build plot ready for end of April/May

Kind regards

Precise seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut if all there is is a five year old CCJ. I think you could have done better.

Did you use an experienced newbuild broker as there are more mainstream lenders who offer HTB Equity Loan who would have done this.

Yes I used a experienced broker- she suggested three companies following Halifax decline these were- TSB, Leeds Buildig Society, Precise and there was one further one which I can't remember. However she said when looking at the criteria of these lenders the CCJ often had to be under £500 to be considered. I'm worried about bank statements with Precise as we've paid for our wedding last august, been on honeymoon to Mexico October and had Christmas so lots of outgoings! What are your thoughts about bank statements? I'm presuming we are tier 1 from their criteria? Will we still require bank statements? What might they say about the car which is in my mother in laws name?

Sorry for lots of questions as you can see I'm quite anxious waiting!

So grateful for the replies everyone

Forgot to add that in previous post. Car finance in my mother in laws name of £350 monthly with Audi. We paid that for 3 years direct to Audi which is visible on bank statements. This is a lease and due to be returned end of march/April. 4 week collection time. I have a lett e from Audi to prove this, however the finance isn't actually in his name anyway! Sounds messy I know.

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