Mortgage for Disability House notjustamum

A friend and I have got a £30,000 deposit to put down on a house we've seen for £160,000. Neither of us will be living there as I have my own home and am mortgage free and my friend has her own home with a mortgage. We are buying the house to rent it out to disabled adults and their carers as a type of supported living venture, e.g., 3 disabled adults with carers working on a rota system. Our business plan was approved and everything is in place but once our offer was accepted on the house the mortgage company decided to change the mortgage type to a buy-to-let and are now demanding a 30% deposit after initially agreeing on a residential mortgage (due to it being for people with disabilities), a £30,000 deposit and it was agreed our own personal assets would not act as collateral, which has been removed from the contract. Has anyone ever bought a supported living property? If so, what mortgage & terms should I look for?


Never had any experience however you should approach further lenders on the basis it is a buy to let/commercial, I cannot see how it could be a residential mortgage in any way, no matter the circumstances of those living there.

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