Getting a new mortgage after a change in circs Bethenny

Hi all, would appreciate some advice.

We bought our first home last summer and got a 2 year fix. This doesn't run out toll Summer 2018 but i'm a bit worried about getting a new mortgage rate at that time because my circs have changed. Whereas I was the main earner before I have become disabled and recently made a claim for PIP and ESA but waiting to hear on both. By the time it comes to trying to get a new mortgage we will have paid off all of our debts which were circa £14K when we got our first mortgage but as I don't expect to have an income stream from employment by then if ever again, how will the mortgage provider look upon this? If the benefit claims are successful we will not have a deficit each month, and with the debts paid off we will be coping much the same as before I was disabled but wondered how mortgage providers look upon this. Our current mortgage is with HSBC. Are we likely to struggle to get a new mortgage and a good rate? I know it's not an imminent problem but its causing me some worry. Thanks!

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