Paying off BTL Gam2015

Current situation living with parents but thinking of moving in my BTL maybe eventually. I have arround £37k in savings and the current mortgage on the house is 33k with a £330 fee for paying it off early. Would it be best to just pay the mortgage off in full then see what happens or keep the mortgage running and leave savings where they are


So you have a BTL property and are paying X% on it while getting Y% on your savings !
Originally posted by dimbo61

3.03% on mortgage. Rest of money sat in 123 account. But obviously my mortgage interest is against any tax due.

You won't get the tax savings when you live in it, so it's fairly marginal whether to pay off the mortgage.

Some would say that having the mortgage means that you could have the money for a rainy day/ future investment/ car/ holiday....

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