Personal choice really. How important to you is knowing what your monthly outgoing will be. Interest rate policy could change at time. The potential for even lower rates is extremely low.

I'm going to take 2 year fix as well and then probably stick it on to 5/10 year. Mainly helps us keep repayments down for initial year so we can spend more on the home.

yeh agreed - i am deciding on doing the same

2 year fee free fix with fd seems to be the best on the market at the min then drop to maybe a 5 year fix on 85ltv


Is that a broader trend or simply a lender looking to attract new business with a tranche of funds still available?
Originally posted by Thrugelmir

Not sure which lender that is but for example from this Monday gone Halifax reduced FTB HTB rate on 2year to 1.39 from 1.59. I assume other products went down too.

You have 10% equity and £150,000 is a big mortgage so why not consider the 5 year fix and overpay like mad.

You could have 75% LTV in five years and the best deals in the market

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