Getting onto the property ladder Whitee

Hi All

I've been saving what literally feels like FORVER and I'm hoping this year is the time for me to buy my first property.

I have £8,000 saved to date for a deposit and by August should have £13,000.

Been working at my full time job 2 years currently earning £22k per annum picking up £1500 after tax.

I also work an additional 8-12 hours working a part time 2nd job which is minimum wage which is my pocket money for food etc. (Started Jan this year)

(I did leave my FT job for 3 weeks a year ago but went back which I think was a pretty bad idea in relation to a mortgage application - - - will it have much effect?)

I've got two credit cards:

Capital One - Limit £200

Aqua - Limit £4500

Had both for 2/3 years and pay off in full every month.

Credit rating is FAIR which seems to NEVER move when I feel I'm doing all I can to improve it!

Own my own car worth about £5k and currently living at home and current expenses are no more than £250 / month which consists of deisel, food, car insurance, living.

I'm looking for a property of no more than £90,000 due to my income and deposit (hoping that is realistic enough...what else is there...a shed!!??)

Also thought about asking a family member to lend me £5 / 10k to add to my deposit.

I feel like I will never be accepted for a mortgage...any advice please?

Complete an agreement in principle! Its the easy way to find out where you stand! From what you've said there's nothing in particular that sounds like it will trip you up but it's hard to know. Some lenders may only use the income from your main job but this should still support the amount you want to borrow. Leaving your job briefly a year ago shouldn't cause you a problem

Does one AIP count for them all? I ran a soft search with Natwest and it wasn't successful which was about a Monrh ago.

I'm aware I don't want to apply again any time soon and maybe need to see what my downfall was.

I will look at it again in 3/4 months and hope an AIP will be approved

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