If your sole income is £26k then it will not pass affordability.

4.5x income is generally where lenders top out although a few do go to 5x.

Forget what the accountant has told you, he/she is wrong.

Plenty of the big banks have simple mortgage guides and calculators, it may be worth having a look at those to give you a general idea. I must say though that your numbers seem very ambitious. Don't forget that out of that deposit you'll have to pay stamp duty and fees, so you won't have the full amount to put down as a deposit.

If you want to consider help to buy, I imagine that the help to buy website would have information on how the scheme works.

I've done the mortgage calculator on the bank we are applying with an said we would be accepted the women said are age is a good factor it's all confusing me now

I'm sure the bank that you have done the mortgage calculator with will have guides about their mortgages and how it all works.

Which woman do you mean? The accountant? Accountants generally deal with tax, not mortgages so I wouldn't take her advice as gospel - do your own research.

Unfortunately life doesn't entitle you to a mortgage simply because you want one. Times have changed since your mum got a mortgage, lenders are much more cautious about lending and income, it isn't just free money because you want a house.

The best thing you can do is to do a bit more research. Google and this site have plenty of information available to you about how to find a mortgage and what is required of you.

I'm not quite sure what you actually want from this post? Perhaps if you are a bit more specific in your questioning then we could help.

ETA unfortunately I have no idea how part exchange works. I really think you need to do a bit more research about all of this, if your grandmother is intending to gift you her house that could lead to all sorts of problems for her in the future (see deprivation of capital/care home fees etc)

30 year term, £26k income, 2 applicants + 2 kids. The halifax website says £78k.

Has your mum had her mortgage for more than 2-3 years? Affordability was assessed differently in the past.

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