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If someone relocates to the other end of the country and they are self employed would they get a mortgage? The business has been running for 10 years but obviously when we move new work will need to be found usually as a Subcontractor, no steady income like when you have a job to go to.

Would we have to rent first for two years to have two years accounts from living in the new area?


You would not need another 2 years accounts but you may find underwriters would want to see how you do before offering to lend to you.

It is a tricky one to answer, if you are a decorater for example then you are going to need to build up your client base from scratch. If you are in the IT indutry and you only need 1 or 2 clients to earn a simialr income you may find its treated a little differently or taking myself as an example, my job could be done over the phone/internet so I could be anywhere in the world.

It comes down to the job and lender really.

Thanks for the reply. I was asking for my partner who is a plasterer so there are no long term contracts anymore. I have been diagnosed with a long term condition which means at the moment I am unable to work which makes things even more difficult.

I am told there are some lenders e.g. Nationwide, who will allow PIP, ESA and tax credits to be counted as income. Is this correct ?

Living in a place that's all on one level would make life so much easier!

Thanks for your help.

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