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Mortgage advisor has advised us to wait until July to get a mortgage due to a payday loan of £300 in January 2017 (our only one)

Background, We both have good credit scores, havent missed any payments on anything (loan/CC/mortgage etc) in over 5 years. Are requesting to borrow within our means, although as the top end. CC's sit at £6000 on 0% cards (last one balanced transferred in Dec 2016), on electoral roll etc and hoping to put 15% down on the property with the equity from our current house.

We ended up needing some money fast in January and borrowed £300 with Wonga - paid back within 10 days £323 - account closed.

The advisor we saw said it would seriously hinder us getting a mortgage for a decent rate within 6 months of the pay day loan (taking us to JULY) and that the rates she was looking at were over 5%

Our house is already getting put up for sale next week - are we really best waiting til July to get a mortgage?

I agree.

I can think of only two lenders who have a definite prohibition on PDL use, leaving plenty who will consider your application.

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