i bought a flat a few years ago however i want to move to a freehold house . My flat has gone up in value i think by about 25% (based on current asking prices online) since i bought it. If i move 3 miles further out i can buy a house which would cost the equivalent of the current selling price of my flat . I cant afford a house in my current location

How do i do this . Are there any websites of guidance ? I am thinking i could sell the flat and use this money to buy a house but really dont want to sell the flat until i have bought a house.
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How are you going to buy a house without the money from the flat?

Its called a chain and once youre in one everyone will get everything up together and agree a date to "swap" everything over. So money comes in - money goes back out sort of thing. it will all be done at the same time.

You could always sell your current flat - move into rented - buy house. But you have to understand you are not buying a house until you sell your flat. Not unless you have the full cash amount sitting around.

im still trying to work out how you managed to buy a flat in the first place with how clueless you are.

thaanks for the replies, i have looked at 2 houses and unfortunately the agents have said that they wont put offers forward from someone who wants to start a chain

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