Adverse credit needed (but I have a good salary, low costs and deposit) envirotechno

Hi all

Please could somebody point me in the right direction to a good broker or bank?

My situation is that I was in an IVA which screwed things up big time. I then got pulled my finger out and got promoted etc and paid my IVA off early a couple of years ago. My credit file has not recovered as quickly as I had hoped although I can get a credit card etc with a main bank, so not all bad. I have a couple of missed payments from a few years ago (small amounts, less than £100). All my active accounts are good, and I'm on the electoral roll etc.

My details are:

1) Income

Current salary is £60,000 basic plus bonuses (20%)

Wife's salary is £16,000

No other income

2) Deposit

£70,000 to £80,000 deposit

3) Debts

£8000 on a 0% credit card (car purchase and holiday) which to be honest my bonus will sort out, but in terms of credit utilisation I'm at about 80% so quite high although coming down.

4) Outgoings

Nothing major - about £2250 per month including £1000 rent, £250 wrap around school fees.

5) Mortgage requirement:

Borrow between £220,000 and £250,000 over 30 years (initially). Capital repayment ideally.

Thanks in advance


Whe did you clear your IVA?

If it was cleared 3 years ago you should have a few options at high street rates. If it was less than that, there are some lenders who will work off the registration date so there may be options looking at it that way, but I think you could do with getting your credit reports infront of an experienced broker.

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