Getting a self mortgage with unpaid tax bills? nicholasuk

I'm currently deliberating various situations,

I wish to get a mortgage but not necessarily this year even tho i have an ok opportunity this year which i don't think i can now take.

If you get your paper work together for the dip, and your tax references, does it say whether you've paid the tax outstanding on your earnings? And do the brokers have to take that into consideration.

How does it work, is this situation picked up in the process? do they then minus what your bill is spread over 12 months and deduct it from affordability etc ?


You need to pay your tax bill.

A Tax Overview will show whether you've paid or not and if any penalties are outstanding.

No lender is going to be overly keen on you evading tax.

We were asked for copies of both our SA302s (tax calculations) and the tax overview from HMRC confirming that tax had been paid. Depends on the lenders requirements though I guess.

As above, a lot of lenders will want to see the tax overviews - not all however.

Some will not be too bothered whether or not it is paid, others will include it in debts and so it will be taken in to account for affordability. If your tax bill is overdue then they may take it a little more seriously but I have never come across that (rule number 1 of being in business the tax man is always the first to be paid).

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