end of mortgage process poppystar

Mortgage coming to an end this year

Never been in this situation before as when buying and selling the mortgage has changed or been transferred but all done by solicitor.

I'm preparing myself a file of questions and tasks and would welcome any advice or reminders on things I may have forgotten:

1. Get money freed in advance to repay - am assuming mortgage company will tell me how to pay at some point or do they usually just take whole amount via the existing dd?

2. Pay the end of mortgage fee - need to look out original paperwork for amount but not sure what this covers?

3. Is a solicitor involved? - at the last change of provider the mortgage company provided a solicitor to act and I was not really involved unlike when i bought the property initially.

4. I assume my deeds are with these solicitors or are they with the building society? I know that they are not strictly needed now but I should like them if possible. Might there be a charge for this?

5. I assume there is some form of charge on the property registration at the Land Registry to protect the mortgage provider - how/who removes this?

6. Tell the insurance company to remove mortgage provider as interested party on insurance documents.

All help welcome!

Many thanks

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