Thank you - unfortunately it seems most lenders will go on last year's SA03 so that people can't just up their salary for a few months. We are axttsoou on a higher salary now than we were last year although our dividends will then be lower. Unfortunately it's likely to be months before we have all our end of year stuff back from the accountant (didn't get everything back until October last year) - I suppose we could try and pay extra for it to be done more quickly but we are in a bit of a rush now. If that doesn't work I think we will have to rent for a while until we have this years return.

Just to update this if anyone else is in this situation...

Our broker has found us a lender. For some companies the bankruptcy was an immediate deal breaker even after 10 years. However, my husband's mobile phone dispute which led to a default has been far more of an issue (it's four years old now). We found one that agreed provided the default is marked as settled so we have to do that, which is fine. In a couple of years when it's off his file we will look to remortgage.

Hope this helps someone else down the line.

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