Help! Halifax salary sacrifice & mortgage issues Blondie1983

Bit of background- AIP from Halifax of £135000 with all outgoings declared. Offered £130k on a house which has been accepted.

Toddled in to the bank to arrange the mortgage and halifax look on the salary sacrifice as hire purchase?? So they won't lend me the amount I need. I tried to explain that I lose 4k of my basic in return for a car but was told it has to be taken out as HP. With my reduced salary inputted into their computer I can borrow more than enough, but with my salary in pre salary sacrifice and the deduction added they are offering 20k short!

Anyone any experiences of this? Have an appointment with a broker tomorrow. Panicking!

Some lenders take all deductions into account, and of course it makes sense because you don't actually get this money. There are other lenders though.

Hi - thanks, yes of course, hopefully I will have more joy tomorrow with the broker. The lady arranging the mortgage didn't get the concept of the salary sacrifice at all and now I'm really worried I won't get a mortgage! She was taking the cost out of the car before the pension and tax deductions etc - making it more expensive than it actually is. I have filled in the DIP both ways - with my reduced salary as per variation of contract and also as a post normal salary deduction and neither flagged an issue.

This must vary from branch to branch then - I got a AIP in December, went full app in late Dec, got full mortgage offer early January from the Halifax

My partner uses salary sacrifice for her car, and the Halifax advisor didnt care a bit about it? We had actually put it down on the AIP stage as HP as I wasnt sure but wanted to declare it, and the advisor removed it at full app stating that it isnt a HP deal so it isnt counted.

Very odd

There was an announcement last autumn. From April the following are no longer eligible.

Company cars (unless they're ultra-low emission vehicles)

Work-related training

Car parking near your workplace

Health screening checks

Mobile phones, computers and other tech


Gym membership

School fees

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