Does anyone know who does the surveys for..... Sheep

Leeds BS, Halifax and Natwest?

We bought a new build in 2015 and its remortgage time. We were going to go with Nationwide but they downvalued the build by 10k so the broker went with Leeds and they valued it at full amount.

I was just talking to the sales lady and she was telling me 2 houses have just sold and came back at full value with Halifax and Natwest.

Although i dont want to remortgage with them because their rates are not great ideally id like to remortgage with a lender who uses same surveyor and get full valuation.

I understand Nationwide used Countrywide 2 years ago and I think Leeds used Esurv but i cant be sure.


The Halifax panel valuer is Colleys, but in areas with poor cover or when busy it could be panelled to Countrywide, Esurv, Connells, L&G etc.


Thank you. Does anyone know who else use Colleys?
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Collys is owned by LBG so it values only for members of the group AFAIK - Lloyds, Halifax, BM Solutions, Scottish Widows Bank and maybe still TSB and C&G.

Thanks for all your help.

Am i thinking about this thenright way?

We were the first to buy on the new build estate when countrywide said the properties were worth 10k less than being sold for now the estate is half sold so will have more to go by.

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