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Hi everyone ,

Sorry its me again ,

So we went to see our mortgage advisor yesterday who is my cousin who said we would decide to try with halifax first - now is this such a good idea ? My deafults were with halifax in 2011 !!! and now settled after much confusion. I suggested aldermore to him and he said they wernt so keen on deafults of late.

They were for 650 on a card and 450 on a current account bank charges .

Now i dont want to be patronising as its not my job , but i spoke to another mortgage advisor who said a no basically to high street banks and has advised he can get us a mortgage at a 10 percent deposit , he deals with adverse cases.

Tbh i dont mind as long as we get a mortgage but i dont thimk applying to one a hoping is the best route

Anyone have any thoughts on this ? Put me in my place if im being silly

Halifax has no published criteria on adverse credit and their BDMs encourage us to have a go and see if an agreement in principle passes.

As the next option may well be a higher rate it is sensible to at least consider such an option as the soft search leaves no footprint visible to other lenders.

The difficult decision can be to submit a full application or not as a full search is then done and the outcome may be less predictable with a possible referral to a business assessor/credit decisioning.

We would discuss the options with our clients and give them the opportunity to direct us. There is no right/wrong answer here.

Halifax may do it, they may not. Aldermore not liking defaults is ridiculous. Its like saying kids don't like McDonalds.

As aldermore do not credit score you can try a lender or 2 or 200 and it would not impact on aldermore. I would not suggest trying 200 but you get my point hopefully.

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