Credit Card Application before Mortgage pete1014


Looking for some quick advice. I am hoping to apply for a first time buyer's mortgage in the next few months.

I use a 0% credit card for work expenses at present and the 0% period is coming to an end. I would therefore like to apply for a new card but am wary of the potential impact this might have on a mortgage application.

My last credit application was for a phone contract in August last year and have no outstanding debts / car finance etc.

Is an application at this stage a risky move?



It is always best to avoid credit checks prior to an application.

Chances are it will not be the end of the world, but nobody can say for sure it will not cause any problems.

If you use the card only for work expenses, don't you pay off the full balance each month?

If you do, what is the significance of 0%?

Stability in your credit history is the best thing to have on the approach to a mortgage application, so leave well alone until after completion takes place and you move.

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