Pension and COPE Clive L

Hope someone can help me with this,, I am due to retire the end of 2018, I have looked on the government website , and it tells me how many years national insurance I have paid, and how many more I need to pay which is two,2016/ 2017 and 2017 / 2018,, it also shows me to different amounts for the state pension that I could get, one if I stopped working now and one if I get NI credits for 16/17 and 17/18 ,, now here is the question bit,, further down the page it tells me I was contracted out and gives me what they call a COPE amount, does this amount get added on to your state pension or is it taken of the state pension, ? like most government sites it gets confusing when reading all the jargon on there,, if anyone can explain in plane english what happens I would be most grateful.

COPE is only used to calculate your April 2016 starting amount. It is already factored in to what you will receive and will not be added to or deducted from that amount.

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