AFAIK you effectively start a new employment contract, so all your history and benefits etc may be lost.

You old 5 day post is terminated and your pension benefits are released in full.

Your new 3 day contract starts and you are a fresh employee, and can join a pension scheme for the relatively short time you are still there.

Perhaps the employment contract may just be varied to a shorter working week, but it may not. Things like long service awards, extra leave entitlement, sick pay etc are lost and gone for ever.

However you work 3 days a week, have a large lump sum in the bank and get paid a pension. The tax and NI will probably be lower on earnings etc so that you have time and money for a better life.

IT DOES need careful thought and a negotiation with the employer, but can be beneficial.

the guys here in a similar position a couple of years ago did it, are still here on 3-day weeks, and loving it...plus as one of them said, I can go fully any time I like


Will I loose out on my final retirement amount if I work over 3 years before finally retiring?
Originally posted by Dixy

No, because you have already taken your accrued pension and it will be based on your accrued service & salary at that point.

Am I able to leave the lump sum until final retirement?

Thanks in advance.
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No, you have to retire and take all your pension benefits when you (partially) retire. I think, but am not sure, that you will accrue "new pension" for the years you subsequently work part time under the current scheme

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