private pension usher123

The issue I am having is I have a small private pension and the company that I have it with is saying that I cannot take 25% of it tax free I have to take the whole lot of my pension and the rest would be taxed, I also asked if my sister could go on it so that the money could go to her in the event of my death, they said they would have to consider this, they have sent me a form to fill in and to send it back stating that I want my sister on there.

If I wanted to transfer my pension to another company would this problem also exist

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Some providers will allow flexible access and others insist on all or nothing, you need to find one that offers what you want and move it there. You should be able to nominate a beneficiary to your pension but they do not have to honour it for instance if there are dependants.

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