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Might be a daft questions, however I can't seem to find the answer searching the forum.

I've opened a Regular Saver with HSBC paying 5% interest. I just woundered if anyone knew if I paid in £3000 straight into this account would the whole £3000 start accruing interest start away.

Product Details suggest that you can deposit more than £300 a month to offset it against other months.

Where does the product details suggest that? indOutMore_Btn

Minimum/Maximum Balance:

The minimum deposit in month 1 is £25

The maximum balance is £3,000 at the end of the 12 month term

Regular Deposits:

Regular deposits must be made by standing order each month

The minimum monthly deposit is £25 per month

The maximum monthly deposit is £250 per month

If you don't pay in the maximum allowed in any month, you can carry over the unused subscriptions and catch up in future months

You can only put in a maximum of £250 a month, and you can catch up with any unused subscriptions if you haven't used them in some months.

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