Why are you trying to sell? What are the scheme rules?

Seems quite normal if the purpose of the scheme is to incentivise executive management to grow the value of the business until someone buys it, and nobody is actually waiting there cash on hand to buy your shares and everyone else's.

Nobody creates an EMI scheme these days without putting documentation in place that says how everyone's incentives vest and what happens if you exit in a variety of circumstances.

Is it unethical of them to pay you out at under value? Who says it's under value? If the choice is sell out at under value or keep them, why are you considering selling?

Don't confuse them keeping to the exact letter of the scheme rules to preserve the maximum value for the company and its owners (and thereby all the staff who remain in the scheme) , with them behaving "unethically", just because you would like the rules to be more favourable to you.

If you quit the firm and said you were leaving tomorrow and they said sorry you must stay another 364 days to help them hand your work over to a new recruit, even though your contract said one month notice, you would not want to be labelled "unethical" for leaving the firm after exactly one month as per contract rather than hanging around for longer to help them cover the role and train your replacement.

So, you can't label them "unethical" for paying you out at £x less 50% if the scheme rules don't say you have to definitely get more than that. What do the scheme rules say? Why would you ask *us* if anyone knows the rules? Isn't it more likely that people at your company will know the specific rules of the scheme, than people on the internet who have not been told the name of the company, the name of the scheme, or been given a copy of the rules...?

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