Sun Life Policy adewolves

To cut a long story short around 18 years ago me and my ex wife took out a couple of policies with Sun Life from what I can recall they were these bonus cash builders or something like that, it's been a long time so can't remember their correct name. We hit financial difficulties and didn't complete the full term. What I'm asking do you have to go the full term to get anything back on these ? The reason I ask is because about 18 months ago I had a letter off Royal London (I think it was) stating they thought I had some old policies with one of the companies they listed...there were several which I can't remember now but I never saw sun life on there but with companies name changes over the years I'm not really sure. Sorry to be extremely vague but any advice is welcome.

The Sun Life bonus cash builder (the one I think you refer to) is now managed by Friends Life. You didn't have to complete the full term, however I believe if you stopped payments in the first two years they have no value. If longer than two years it may be worth giving FL a call.

These policies are paying out quite significant amounts as they are distributing the excess assets of the fund as it runs down to being closed.

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