Which pension fund is right for me KCailey

I have 20 years left before I retire and I have only recently started paying attention to finances

I have emergency Cash in a savings account,

Im going to start an S&S ISA with medium to high risk funds

But the bulk of my retirement funds will be from my pension. I want this to be a low to medium risk fund. The current fund is "L&G Global Equity Market Weights 30:70". I read the fact sheet for this but I don't understand it.

Is this the right fund for me? Are there any other suggestions?

thank you

I'd have said that is a very high risk fund, but over that timescale that's a good place to be.

However, if you want low to medium risk but otherwise similar to the L&G look at Vanguard Lifestrategy 40. There is a 20 as well which is lower risk but over a 20 year timescale that really is too low.

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