Saving for a deposit martinlewisjunior

Hi at the moment I'm saving for a deposit.

I'm using current accounts + savings account and help to buy isa to get approx just over 3% interest a year.

My question is , is there any other good options that are safe? to earn a good interest rate on.

Peer to peer seems interesting but I would need to access the money within about 2 years (April 2019)

Here's my current setup which will soon be full as I'm saving £450 a month.

1x Tesco Current account 3% (on £3000) currently on £2000

1x Help to buy isa 2.25% (moving to LISA when it opens) but will wait until the end of year to transfer depending on the interest date of a LISA account. (currently has £2400) inputting £200 every month

1x Halifax Account paying £3 a month

1x TSB Plus account paying 3% (on £1500)

1x HSBC savings account paying 5% inputting £250 every month

- |(just a bit of info) I've used up the TSB savings account paying 5%, I've used up the Nationwide current account paying 5% + savings account and switched to HSBC advance to get the bonus plus 5% savings.

Any advice would be great!

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